Classification ceiling in the Khrushchev house: which one to choose

There are still many houses such as “Khrushchevka”. And each of us wants to live in a comfortable and comfortable apartment. One solution – repair. But what if the ceilings are crooked? The wooden mesh, which is the basis of ceilings of this type of houses, is far from always. Just taking off the old plaster and whitewashing the ceiling on a new one, the irregularities will be visible and soon the whitewash begins to pour again, leaving unsightly holes. Wallpaper gluing is also a problem – they need the maximum smooth surface, because otherwise the wallpaper acquires the type of “wave”. There is a solution to this problem and not one. In our free time, we will issue a solution to the SRO.

Firstly, a suspended ceiling. One of the perfect places for a suspended ceiling is a corridor, kitchen, bathroom. There you can make not just a suspended ceiling, but with built -in lamps. The view will be aesthetic and neat. During the repair, it is advisable to do everything in the same style, because such ceilings can be installed not only in the corridor, but also in the kitchen, and even if there is normal ceiling, you will avoid the problem of the style of style in different rooms of the apartment.

Secondly-stretch ceiling. The disadvantage consists in a loss of 10-15 centimeters during installation, but it looks very attractive. Also, modern stretch ceilings perfectly hold moisture, at risk of being flooded neighbors. Agree – very convenient. In the case of force majeure, the ceiling will withstand everything, it comes to a minimum of moisture hit on furniture, which means the exclusion of damage to property.

Thirdly – polystyrene tiles. But there are a number of their subtleties. Your rooms should have straight angles and the correct shape. Otherwise, the tile will lie not evenly. In addition, the walls and ceiling should have a corner (some houses have an arched transition).

One way or another, having an uneven ceiling, it is worth remembering the means that will help to ennoble your housing.

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