Features of the building of the tobacco factory: what to take into account

The influence of ledges on these two buildings was insignificant, which was facilitated by the rather weak loams that lay at the base. The measured ledge on the ground in a distance of 2-3 m on both sides of the buildings reached 10-15 cm, and on the basement is 2-3 times less. The repair of buildings of the base was carried out for two years, and the costs amounted to about 22 thousand. rub. At the balance value of buildings about 240 thousand. rub. The operation of buildings did not stop, with the exception of individual basements, where bricks fell from the arches.

The building of the sewing factory warehouse is focused on the extension of the layers, which under the usual conditions of part -time work (in areas where there are no cracks with a ledge) is considered the most favorable, but under these conditions it received great damage than the buildings of the base, oriented vicustees of extending and those who fell on the same Cloudy. This can be explained by the release of cracks with a ledge under the foundation of the longitudinal wall that coincides with it in the direction, and in the buildings of the cracks, the cracks passed in the transverse direction. An attempt to strengthen the building with the help of buttors did not give positive results. The operation of the warehouse of the sewing factory was stopped, no repair work was carried out.

The buildings of the tobacco factory received the first damage when working out the layer. Internal shields with a bookmark. When cracks appear in the walls of buildings, mining were stopped. On the earth’s surface appeared a soil crack without a ledge, which crossed the main body in the transverse direction.

The main building of the tobacco factory is a two-way brick building of a complex outline in the plan. Budatical foundations, ceilings on metal beams with monolithic reinforced concrete filling. There are two longitudinal rows of brick columns. According to sanitary requirements, all internal ones – the walls are faced with glazed tiles. Horizontal deformations on the building of the building were 4 mm. Cracks up to 30 mm appeared in the longitudinal brick walls, sedimentary seams opened, metal gounses of 3-4 cm moved from the transverse walls, and the facing tiles disappeared in places.

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