Podere Conti – a special farm hotel in Italy

So, in the last article we talked about The Pig Hotel Hotel and learned about its features. Now let’s continue the review of the best hotels in the world. The most farm hotel is Podere Conti, Italy

Although these halves of the land have long been loved by tourists, yet there are still places in Tuscany, where they do not look. Among such places was the northern tip of the Lunijana region. Behind the Apennins and the coast, behind dense forests and hills, dotted medieval cities are dilapidated old farms, where life passes in a leisurely measured rhythm. Among them is the 16th century farm Podere Conti, from where a panoramic view of the valley opens. From the appearance of a restored stone building, it can be expected that inside you will wait for a medieval interior in the form of luxurious beds, with baths standing on legs in the form of paws. And only the pool located outside dilutes the picture. Before you go on a trip abroad, you need to learn English, otherwise the trip will be less effective than it could be. So, sign up for English courses and prepare well for your trip. Now let’s get back closer to the topic. The landscape around the hotel is perfectly wild, the garden is strewn with flowers, on an old path you can sometimes even see a donkey walking through the groves of acacias and olive trees to the destroyed old villas. Dinner is served on the terrace. It includes local delicacies, including pasta with white mushrooms and fried lamb. Podere Conti produce their own honey and olive oil. Here you can visit culinary master classes. Not far from the estate, a 10 -minute drive, there is a castle reminiscent of the castle of Pontremoli.

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