When the first time they started talking about “Townhaus”

The term “Townhouse” appeared in Europe in the 19th century, they were denoted by presentable dwellings of British aristocrats. Such residences were very popular in London.

Modern Townhaus looks like an ordinary residential building, like a cottage, where apartments are multi -level. Apartments in Townhouse have their entrance from the street, garage or parking space and, in some cases, a small front garden.

In Europe, Townhai has long been not uncommon, they are inexpensively there, and living in them is very comfortable. Many provinces of Western Europe are completely built up by Townhai, since the approach to individual housing has now changed. New quality standards have been identified.

The first Russian Townhauses were built in the suburbs at the end of the 20th century. The main principle of Townhouse in our country is to combine the conditions of a city apartment and the quality of a private house. Russian towhouses are most often represented in the form of villages or architectural complexes connected by side walls.

Often, the layout has a vertical layout: on the ground floor there is usually a kitchen, living room and utility rooms, the second floor is equipped with a bedroom. At all levels there is a separate bathroom.

At the same time, a small plot of land is attached to each apartment in Townhouse. Its sizes are approximately equal to 2-4 acres.

Advantages of Townhouse:

Compared to the construction of a personal cottage, the construction of Townhaus at the expense of the construction of infrastructure and the eyeliner of communications is much cheaper.

Townhaus is cheaper than an apartment in the city center and the more cheaper than a cottage. And he is also very economical in maintenance.

The advantages of Townhaus are also that you have neighbors who have social status and lifestyle coincide with your. If something does not suit you, you are equally isolated: a separate section that belongs only to you, a separate parking.

Townhouse is often sold with free layout, which means you can embody any interior elements..

Communications are centralized, so living in Townhouse will not cost exorbitant ground.

The only negative is for those who like to grow foods – a small pre -end territory.

Townhouse today is a very profitable investment. It happens that Townhai is being built in the city line, the Russians of the Townhai were to their liking, in many regions there are mass buildings of the districts of the Taun-House complexes.

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