What to look for when looking for a hotel in Chile

Chile-a state located on the South American continent, on the Coast of the Pacific Ocean. Along with the continental territories, Chili includes such islands as Easter, Juan Forma, a large archipelago of fiery land and many small islands, which is the total area of ​​the state-more than seven hundred thousand square kilometers. We sell flights to Chile.

Along with fairly famous brands that gradually master the sphere of the hotel business of Chile, I would like to note the desire of the Chileans to attract tourists to their territories and their attention to the construction of quite unusual hotels. There are always eccentricians who are ready to give a lot of money for living in a hotel built, for example, inside the glacier. Having spent fifteen million dollars, the owners of a modest establishment located near the Choshuenco volcano, are ready to offer only four rooms in which everything, from bed to chairs, is made of an ice arcue. For those who prefer greater comfort, but no less exotic impressions, not far from the glacier, in the city of Puerto Fuy, it is proposed to be placed in a more convenient hotel for eighteen places made in the form of a volcano. By the way, the material for construction chose the most natural – volcanic rock. Carry out on our portal hotel reservation in Chile.

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