Cottage village of the Aquatoria Istra: Features

The cottage village of the Aquatoria of Istra is located near the village of Lopotovo by 48 km. Novorizhskoye Shosse. Its name comes from the location of the village, it is located on the shore of the Istrinsky reservoir, which for 5 km goes around this village.

Getting to the village of History of Istra is very easy. You can get to it immediately along three routes: Pyatnitskaya, Leningrad and Novorizhskaya. The total area of ​​the village is about 76 hectares, where about 220 houses were built. Each house has a land plot from 15 acres to 53 acres.

In order to create harmonious integrity, houses in this cottage village were built in a similar architecture style. During the construction of houses, the location of the village was taken into account, so they were built from those materials that would harmoniously approach the environment of the village.

The general plan of the village provides about eleven cottage projects, with an area of ​​180 to 400 square meters. m. These houses were offered to customers who wanted to have a corner where it would be possible to retire in harmony with nature, and forget the bustle of working everyday life.

The village is equipped with all the necessary communications. There is a gas pipeline and water supply, sewage, telephone, Internet connection, television. It should also be noted that in the village, the asphalt is laid, which connects the village with past the lying tracks that connect the village of History of Istra with the city.

For the future, they plan to build hotels, sites for playing sports, runways, a center for entertainment for children, and many other entertainment and rest objects in nature. In recent years, the demand for country houses has grown significantly. Because of this, the price of this type of real estate increased by about 15% increased. But the increase in prices did not affect the level of sales of country houses. In the village of Aquatoria is items, real estate prices are also not small, but despite this, cottages are built and sold at a quick pace.

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