What is a small house: differences

Due to the versatility of the orientation of the two -apartment section, the number of houses in the series is sharply reduced, the work of the house -building plant is simplified.

The first floor of the type of seven seven sectional house, the first floor is occupied by a store with 24 jobs. The width of the store is greater than the width of the residential building throughout its length, which made it possible to design a wide (8.37 m), convenient for operation, a trading floor and utility rooms of the required area. The total useful area of ​​the store is 1013.9 m2, including the area of ​​trading halls-513.2 m2.

The first floor of the G-Zm house is assigned to the zero cycle, and its construction is carried out by the general contractor (a general-stage trust), and DSK-3 builds a building, starting from the second floor, in structures common to the entire series. Real estate agency Anis offers housing in Lazarevsky g. Sochi.

A single-section house for loners and low-family (type G-4), square in plan, with a staircase in the middle illuminated by the upper light lamp. The house is designed with the maximum use of structural elements laid down in other projects of the series. One-room apartments with a living area of ​​9 m2 have a small hallway, a niche for cooking with a washbasin, built-in wardrobes-darrots of factory manufacturing.

Two -room apartments with a living area of ​​18 m2 have a room of day stay, a sleeping room, a kitchen, a hallway and built -in cabinet blocks. One -room and two -room apartments are equipped with a plumbing with a toilet and a shower, and t. D. The series houses provide technical undergrounds in which communications, heat centers and water meters are placed. The facades of houses included in the series detect nets of wall blocks of external walls and concrete frames bordering window openings, the size of which corresponds to large and small rooms.

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