Distinctive features of the hotel complex OP “Victoria”


OP “Victoria” is located in one of the cozy resort villages g. Gelendzhika – Betta, at an altitude of 30 m. above sea level. The village perched on the seashore, on three sides, clamped by the mountains covered with forest. From high, rocky shores, sea views are simply amazing.


The hotel complex consists of 24 cottages, a paradise case, and two chic villas: Assol and Valparais. In all rooms, a refrigerator, a TV, air conditioning, a plastic table and chairs on a terrace or balcony.

Infrastructure: 3 pools with slides, playgrounds, tennis court, table tennis, billiards, massage cabinet, sauna, football field, volleyball and basketball venue, pool cafe, bar, conferences – room. Two stairs are installed for descent to the beach. For those who are inconvenient to use the stairs, a boarding house bus runs on a village beach. It should be noted that a relatively small pebble, and, consequently, a convenient visit to the sea only in the area of ​​the village beach, the beach of Victoria is Kamenist, but the sea is absolutely transparent here. Distance from the village beach, to the beach “Victoria” about 200 meters.

Our recommendations:

If you are tired of the noise, and you want to retire with your family or friends, but at the same time you do not want to lose all the advantages of “civilization”, then this is a vacation for you. The amazingly transparent sea and the rocky ledges of steep shores that go under water and form a picturesque picture of the underwater relief – just a paradise for lovers of underwater swimming and sea fishing. If you are with children, take the mask with you and the children are happy to admire the underwater world, and maybe they will take place for hiding crabs among the stones.

They don’t have to miss the boarding house either: a mini water park, various sports grounds, a large, green area will allow your children to be in movement and breathe healing sea air for days. In the evening you can go to the disco, which passes near the boarding house, or sit on the open terrace, having bought fruit on the local market and a bottle of wonderful Anapa wine in advance. The entire territory of the boarding house is well covered and lovers of sporting events can play sports even in the evening.

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