Unique hotels in the world for tourists: how to choose

The world capitals are increasingly surprising us with their delights in the hope of attracting tourists. For example, they go to Brazil to have fun on colorful carnivals, relax at sea – to Turkey, Cuba or Egypt. But this is in the summer. What to do in winter?

Hotel from ice

More than twenty years ago, a group of Japanese sculptures arrived in Switzerland for the competition of ice sculptures, where the Arctic Hall ice tent was built. Several tourists liked the idea so much that they persuaded the participants to launch them for the night. Of course, they had to sleep on deer skins and in sleeping bags. Waking up in the morning, tourists were delighted with the morning sun, which, refracting through the thickness of the ice, filled the tent.

So the idea of ​​creating ice hotels appeared.

Not every city can boast of ice hotels. Therefore, in order to get there, you have to book tickets and places in the worst – the queues can be occupied for several months.

“Spend the night” in ice rooms, mainly no more than one day. It is not recommended to be here for more time, as this can negatively affect your health.

The inside of the belongings of such hotels as the walls are also made of ice. Therefore, service personnel have to work in gloves. Also, for this “ice cause”, the temperature indoors is maintained stably at the level of 5 degrees Celsius.

It happens that with ice hotels, additional buildings are built, for example, an ice chapel where you can baptize a child or get married. Be sure to build a sauna nearby so that a frozen vacationer can warm his bones.

Unexpected hotels for tourists

Despite the fact that the cost of such hotels is minimal, they bring a profit colossal. Therefore, they erect them annually from scratch, as they hide with the onset of warm days. Architects and sculptors work on each such masterpiece, improving design and inventing more and more new models.

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