Is it possible to buy affordable housing in New York: what to take into account

New York in the ranking of the most desirable cities in the world is one of the first lines. Only the lazy one does not strive to come here. As a result, to date, the population of the capital of the world is almost 8 million 200 thousand people, and if we talk about a “big apple” in general, then this figure is approaching 20 million!

But this does not bother New Yorkers, they are used to the crazy rhythm of the world’s largest metropolis and the highest level of civilization. Along with this, inexpensive housing in New York is also difficult to find like a needle in a haystack.

The lion’s share of the budget of the average New York family goes to pay for housing or leased. And this is given that in this giant city you need to pay a lot of money for almost everything. So the carrying bag for children, which, like other most necessary children’s goods, can be bought at a significantly lower price in the online store lived, there are, it is worth a stroller. According to some estimates, so that life is normal in New York, not thinking from the morning to evening about the daily bread, it is necessary that the annual income is at least 100 thousand dollars! While to ensure the same standard of living in Moscow, there is enough amount of $ 40 thousand.

But there is good news! A program for the construction of affordable housing is being introduced in New York, which provides for an increase in the volume of such housing by more than 150 thousand units by the beginning of 2014. Currently, according to the press, these plans have already been implemented by almost 90 percent. In order to get such housing, those who wish should meet a number of strict criteria, the main of which is the annual total income of the family. So, in order to get the opportunity to purchase cheaper housing in New York, a family of a family of 4 people a year should not exceed 50 thousand US dollars.

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