How to communicate with potential buyers of real estate

When selling real estate, you will have to deal with many people who are your potential buyers. Many of them express a hot desire to buy your real estate, and agree to the price.

However, often all these intentions are limited to oral promises. But real estate transactions are a serious matter, so oral promises are hardly appropriate here. And therefore, if someone promised you to buy your real estate (or rent), this does not mean that you need to stop the search for customers and give advertising.

For example, renting a warehouse in the region, especially Moscow, always enjoys the demand. And if the buyer who has expressed a desire to rent a warehouse is in no hurry to bind himself with contractual obligations or pay a deposit, then you should not count on it.

All transactions with commercial real estate, whether it is purchasing, selling or rent, are accompanied by large amounts, so here you need to be guided by the contractual framework, but not by promises. By the way, this is especially true for those real estate transactions where friends or relatives appear. Remember that only the contract will save you from misunderstandings.

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