What is a mortgage program for teachers

For persons working in the field of education, namely teachers and teachers, a social mortgage program was established that allows teachers to purchase housing faster and more efficiently. Thus, teachers will be able to buy housing using preferential conditions, since the loan involves a small initial contribution and quite acceptable interest rates. Moreover, the program applies to all teachers under the age of 35, regardless of the place of teaching. The same category includes graduate students and university graduates who began to work as teachers.

Such a mortgage program is an excellent solution for those who want to get their own housing, since it can be obtained regardless of the income level. However, it will be possible to purchase only an apartment or house for personal use. If there is a desire to buy an office center and engage in another type of activity, then it is better to take a loan from another program. Moreover, the office center suggests the availability of locations of different companies that will pay rent.

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