House Villa SSK: What is special in it, who designed

Villa SSK House, designed and built by Japanese specialists from the Takeshi Hirobe Architects architecture studio, encourages dual impressions. At first glance, a residential building does not differ from the wooden houses built in the neighborhood, but on the other hand, its architectural solution looks defiant among the familiar architectural buildings of the Tokyo Gulf. But if you carefully take a closer look at the forms and outlines of the construction, the idea of ​​its designers becomes obvious – the location of the villa is clearly visible as a certain passage among the mountains and the sea.

The panoramic look becomes clear, and viewing from different places is distinguishing from each other. Combining coarse wood with broken farms of arches and a huge accumulation of glass panels, the designers gave out a voluminous spatial tunnel in which there were no correct angles. The impression created by the authors leads a guest on a mysterious journey filled with surprises.

The construction consists of a huge living room, a dining room with a kitchen, a room with a view coming to the ocean, a children’s room for games and a reception for guests. An interesting point in the layout

The open platform of the courtyard with the pool is a visual continuation of the rooms, magically pushing their boundaries. At night, the villa resembles a mysterious castle, bewitching its calmness and unimaginable grace from contact with nature.

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