What are general contracting organizations

Recently, the general contracting organizations have been delivered from the need to pay interest for using the loan after acceptance of the complexes of specialized work from subcontractors and their payment until the construction is completed. With the proposed procedure for the calculations for the work performed by subcontracting organizations and the mechanism for lending to costs, the interest for the use of a loan or direct contracts may be charged from the customer to incomplete construction production.

Under subcontracting agreements, it is possible to issue to general contractors an interest -free loan to complete the calculations for the work complexes performed for them. The issuance of interest -free loans does not contradict the essence of the organization of credit relations in general, since the banking interest is an instrument of stimulation, and not the source of income of a credit system.

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It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the industry and the principle of payment of interest for the use of a loan-the borrower who uses credit resources for conducting any measures or ensure the uninterruption of the production process should be paid.

As a result of using the loan, the borrower makes a profit, some of which is used to pay interest. The general contractor, paying for work performed by subcontracting organizations, does not receive any profit as a result of their use in the production process.

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