Hotel Marriott Resort: Distinctive features

We decided to go to India? But like experienced tourists, before traveling, you need to decide on the hotel. After all, after arrival, you need to stop somewhere. And this should be a place where excellent service, good food, beautiful view from the balcony or window, and of course comfort. Marriott Resort Hotel will be a wonderful place. Marriott Resort Hotel services like everyone who visited it. Let’s get acquainted with this hotel.

The hotel is located in the central part of the capital of Goa Paranadzhi, between the Arabian Sea and the Manda River. Just 45 minutes drive to the airport and twenty minutes from the station. What is this hotel became famous for? Primarily a high level of service.

The hotel is made in an old Mediterranean style. However, it goes well with the current amenities. There are 322 rooms in the three -story building. There are several types: for ordinary tourists and businessmen. Each room has a phone, TV, safe, mini bar, spacious double bed, shower, as well as ironing board and iron.

In addition to all this, there are also restaurants in the building. You can visit any of them. There is a restaurant with international cuisine, which in addition to various dishes, this restaurant has a large collection of wines and champagne. If this does not suit you, you can go to an open restaurant where you can try seafood and various dishes from them. There is also a restaurant with Chinese cuisine, bar and confectionery. If you get tired of filling your stomach, you can go to the night club. And all this in one building!

You can serve in the room 24 hours a day. If you need to leave a small child, use the services of a nanny. Girls and women, you can go to the beauty salon! They picked up some kind of illness? Examine at the doctor. You can find out the news through newspapers, and also rent a car. MARRIOTT Resort Hotel Services of course just wonderful.

And finally. You can spend time in the pool. Walk on water skiing and motorcycles, spend money in a casino, go to the spa salon. For children there are special entertainment centers. And of course, there are discos and Internet services. In general, this hotel has everything for a comfortable vacation abroad. But to decide, of course, you. Safe and pleasant travels!

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