Buy or build a country house in the suburbs

Why a modern city dweller changed priorities? Citizens no longer dream of close apartments somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow, but intensively look for themselves and the families of a country house in the suburbs in the suburbs. Is there really a suburban real estate, despite the fact that there can be a lot of inconvenience with it. Lack of infrastructure, transport inaccessibility, inconvenience when traveling to work and a lot of moments that should be paid attention to. But practice has shown that a country house in the suburbs is not only practical in terms of living, but also profitable!

Developers have switched to a new level today and began to take care of those who would live outside the Moscow Ring Road in suburban villages. In the coming years, it is planned to start building schools, kindergartens, medical institutions and improve transport communication with the city. Talking is seriously conducting that in the near future the metro lines will begin to build, which will reach the largest suburban villages and cities.

In most cases, in favor of country houses in the suburbs, their cost says – a large house with communications and a plot outside the city is much cheaper than a not quite comfortable small apartment in Moscow.

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