The main functions of the SRO: what to pay attention to

SRO in installments and other cities today can be arranged quite easily. What contains the activities of organizations such as SRO?

First of all, this is the development process, and then the approval of certain requirements for the necessary evidence that confirms the admission to work. This has a direct impact on the quality of safety of objects under construction.

Also, the content of the SRO activity includes such aspects as admission to work, which also affect the quality of safety of the objects under construction.

In addition, the content includes the process of monitoring the implementation of these requirements, control in the self -regulation itself. The content of the SRO also includes a system of fines for non -compliance with the rules and requirements for issuing tolerances and evidence or for non -compliance with the rules in the process of self -regulation itself.

The main functions of the SRO are the development of requirements for the adoption of the organization, the punishment of participants in the SRO for non -compliance with the rules and requirements. Including, violation of legislation, documentation that regulates the activities of the organization. Also, the SRO function is to control the activities of participants in the organization, represent the interests of the SRO, training of employees and their certification.

A self -regulatory construction organization also has their own rights. SRO rights include the right to control all participants in the organization to comply with their rules and requirements. SRO has the right to question the decision, acts or actions of persons in the case of violation of the interests of participants in the self -regulatory organization.

There is also the right to participate in federal laws discussed on the topic of federal laws, as well as the right to proposal information.

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