Is it possible to purchase a country house in installments

The mechanism for buying suburban incomplete objects on credit begins to gain all the great popularity. For developers, this is an additional opportunity to finance projects and stimulate sales in the early stages. Buyers who were attracted by favorable conditions choose a phased interest -free payment of a mortgage.

Hello from the crisis

The installment scheme has reached this development thanks to the crisis. According to the head of the sales department, Stanislav Lavrinenko, earlier most of the transactions in their organization were carried out in this way. “The emergence of such a mechanism is a forced measure for most developers, but it also has positive results,” explains Valery Mishchenko, who holds the position of representative of the board of directors Kaskad Family. – With the proper formation of a loan, the borrower will be able to get an additional influx of funds in the project and will no longer need credit funds so sharply “.

Recently, many realtors have noticed a new wave of interest in this technology.

Mass phenomenon

This scheme is quite successfully used in many segments of the suburban market, especially the economical class. “Many are acquired on credit houses,” said Vladimir Yakhontov, who holds the position of managing partner Miel -Zagorodny Real Estate. – Business people really like phased payment, since most of their funds are in circulation. And to ordinary citizens, before you get something, you should sell something “. The possibility of paying for a large acquisition in several stages, and not paying for the full cost immediately is the key to a successful transaction. In addition, the red tape with the papers is minimized: you do not need to confirm the solvency with the help of documents, you will only have to verbally tell where you will get the funds to repay the loan.

We will agree!

Often installments are given to the house, which is to one degree or another. Most developers sell at home on credit without accruing a percentage. As a result, the buyer receives an interest -free installment plan, which is issued for a certain period. The arithmetic of calculations is extremely simple. It is necessary to pay for the initial fee, and the remaining amount is divided by the number of months necessary for paying a loan. Based on this, the payment schedule is selected that fit into the contract of sale.

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