The first signs to postpone a deal to buy an apartment

How often we ask ourselves questions – is it worth it, but is it necessary, but if you wait? In relation to the purchase or sale of real estate, the solution of such issues can significantly change your life and financial condition both for the best and worse. That is why, before buying real estate, you should carefully evaluate the rationality of this transaction.

The first signs that the completion of the transaction is better to postpone are such large changes in your life as a planned birth of a child, change of work or moving over the next five years. This also includes the upcoming divorce or serious health problems.

Do not purchase expensive housing if your expenses have been growing recently, and income growth is not expected. Having taken an apartment on credit in such life conditions, you risk getting into a debt hole.

You can purchase a house or apartment requiring the repair of the roof at a moderate price now, and the roof repair, and the bitumen tile is useful for later, and you can put it later as far as possible. On the other hand, buying a apartment on credit, which is suitable for living in it in its original form, you can rent an apartment for tenants and pay a mortgage every month already from this money.

When planning the purchase of an apartment, compare the prices for the purchase of an apartment and rent it. If at the moment in the real estate market the rent is not high, and soon a reducing cost of the cost of the apartments is expected, it makes sense to live what time in the rented apartment and, having waited for the “bottom” of prices, buy the apartment of your dreams almost for nothing.

Due to the fact that real estate prices are constantly changing, it is advisable to buy an apartment at the very beginning of price growth, while it is advisable to sell at a peak. Not knowing when the peak comes, you can navigate when selling at the time when prices stopped growing and began to decline.

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