Is hotels in the Swiss Alps so expensive

The Lodge. Richard Branson Hotel in Verbieet Hotel is extremely conveniently located: next to lifts and bars. True, there is a chance not to reach the latter – the cost of living includes unlimited consumption of drinks in two hotel bars, as well as a pool, a fresh air jacuzzi, an ice rink and a cinema. The Lodge is often removed entirely, but from time to time it turns into a regular hotel for eighteen guests – and it is important that it is lucky with neighbors: the sizes of the chalet suggest close communication.

Backstage. Boutique hotel in Cermatt. Classic chalet with completely cosmic numbers. In some rooms, there is a glass cube right in the middle, on which the bed is hoisted, and in some, a bathtub equipped with light panels with different lighting options sticks out right by the window. You should be ready to visit the local spa: you will come here for the usual massage, and you will be read an excerpt from the book of Genesis, and then they will spend seven rooms symbolizing the days of the creation of the world. Also if you want to travel in sea cruises, then visit the Rech-Agent website. ru, there you will find everything you need. And a lot of useful information, and you can also choose the most suitable cruise for you. Grand Hotel Park. Grand Hotel in Gstaad. The five -star Grand Hotel Park opened in Gstaad in 1910 and became a local sensation thanks to a new -fiber luxury like an elevator, electricity and central heating. After a hundred years-that is, just-the hotel was closed for reconstruction and built here a giant spa center with chocolate wraps, a pool with heated sea water, a wine bar and-where without them! – Louis Vuitton and Graff Diamonds boutiques. Chalet Royalp. Chalet to Villar-Sur-One. In this traditional alpine chalet with fireplace and deer horns there are personal apartments among the king of Spain and Princess Denmark. In each room-balconies with rocking chairs and views on the mountains and village of Villar-Sur-over-one, on the streets of which, not paying attention to each other, kings, oligarchs and ordinary winemakers walk around each other. Royalp has three gaming rooms and a cinema, where they will look after the children, while their parents are sitting in Hammama.

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