How to choose a land plot: selection criteria

You decided to build a country house? Then you need to start with the selection of a site. First of all, the land area is determined on which the house will be located. It should be sufficient for comfortable living and not too big so as not to overpay for the ground. The site should be approximately 10 times the main area of ​​the house. Of course, this ratio is not to -specific and can be changed at an individual discretion. When choosing a land plot, you can consider options in Dmitrovka, you can get acquainted with various proposals in this region on the site of the nature of the surroundings; communications on the site; transport interchange; ecological situation; accessibility of medical, entertainment and technical institutions, stores; The level of service service sector.

It is best to choose the Earth along with all family members, which will avoid disagreements. Sometimes it’s easier to use the services of intermediary firms, they offer options in various regions. Now the sale of land in elite villages is a very popular direction, so prices for them are growing rapidly, which is important to consider when choosing a direction. When choosing a direction in which a country village will be located, you should definitely pay attention to the quality of the roads on which you will have to constantly ride. The degree of loading of roads is also of great importance, because it is unlikely that you will like to idle for hours in traffic jams when traveling to the city. Choosing a suitable direction, it’s time to start viewing possible options found independently or with the help of intermediaries. If you want to make the right choice and subsequently enjoy the vacation in your country house, then it is very important not to miss every detail when choosing a land plot. It is better to view many options, spending free time than to bite your elbows and think about how to get rid of a bought house and purchase another, more suitable.

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