Reasons for the acquisition of real estate in Finland

Finland has recently been using special interest among Russians, even despite the lack of a hot climate, bright sun, sandy beaches on the ocean, which are persistently associated with the population of our country with a vacation. What is the reason for such a great popularity of Finnish real estate? The answers lie on the surface ..

Firstly, it is worth noting the territorial attractiveness of this country, transport accessibility. So, residents of St. Petersburg can go to Finland by car and after 3.5-4 hours will be in place. You can travel on the new Allepgo high -speed train – after 3.5 hours you can already walk along the streets in Helsinki. It is more convenient for Muscovites to go on the road by plane or train – in any case, getting to any corner of Finland will not be difficult.

As for the climate, the absence of excessively high temperatures can be considered as the dignity of this country. The climate of Finland is great for the relaxation of children, the elderly who are not recommended by a sharp change in climate. The Finnish climate is softer than in Russia in the summer to relax on the beaches, take walks on yachts, and in winter you can ride snowmobiles and skiing.

Another reason to buy a house in Finland may be the reasonable value of real estate in this country. So, when comparing the Finnish and Russian real estate similar in quality, the first, undoubtedly, wins. So, a land plot of 0.5 hectares with its own coastline on a forest lake with a road and electricity will cost from 25 to 50 thousand euros. And the cottage on the shores of Lake Saima with a separate coastal bath can be purchased for an amount within 300-350 thousand euros. The cost of servicing the house, utility bills in Finland are almost twice as lower compared to payments in the suburbs of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Well, and you will probably be pleasantly surprised by the new laws in Finland, which undertake in all border and large cities in supermarkets to have Russian -speaking staff. And Finnish medical centers are already very popular among Petersburgers today.

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