Residential complex ” Triumph Park ”: Features

Residential complex ” Triumph Park ”, under construction in St. Petersburg in the Moskovskoyeraon, received an eco -construction certificate (international). The project was based on the idea of ​​making a person’s life comfortable and safe. Comfort – Class Complex is located at the intersection of Danube Prospekt and Pulkovo highway. From complex development, you can go 15 minutes to the metro ” Star ”.There are several hypermarkets near the complex.

The investment in the construction is 1 million US dollars. Features of the project of this new building: various floor residential buildings. Designed with such a settlement that more sunlight falls into apartments and even courtyards, which is important for the northern capital. The courtyards are completely closed for car traffic, which ensures safe walks of pedestrians.

The landscaping of houses provides for: Landscape Ecodesign, Game playgrounds. Residents ” Triumph Park ” will have underground heated parking. At the entrance there is a barrier and a premises for protection. Parking is equipped with splinker fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems.

One -room apartment in a house under construction may have an area of ​​37 sq m to43.7 kV m. There are apartments – studios, with an area of ​​26.7 kV m and multi -sided tripartite orientation, having an area of ​​up to 99 sq m. It is possible to buy an apartment with decoration, or decoration to your liking and design.

The first floors decorate the halls designed according to individual design – projects, premises for children’s strollers are allocated. During the construction of facades and roofs, unique technologies were used to reduce electricity consumption and water consumption. By purchasing an apartment in a complex under construction, you provide yourself with a calm life.

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