Traditional Fahver houses: what is

Dwellings, as if taken from postcards. They really decorate the small towns of Austria, Holland, Germany, as well as Switzerland: a clear geometric pattern of bizarre brown beams, almost toy neat houses. Indeed, we have in front of us Fahver dwellings.

Traditional Fahver houses were very popular in Western, as well as Northern Europe with the XVV. They are structures, which bears the base of which is a wooden frame formed by racks (vertical elements), beams (horizontal elements), braces (diagonal elements). Beams are visible outside the house, due to which the building acquires a characteristic view. The filler of the fahver walls can serve as a clay, brick, natural stone, and even a tree.

The construction of fajver houses according to classical technology is quite expensive. Most modern firms build them using a new, modified technology. In the role of the bearing base is the frame of glued timber. The strength of this material, coupled with a special system of racks and beams, allows you to fill the inter-story floors from monolithic reinforced concrete and, accordingly, install either completely glass or deaf walls up to 200mm thick (usually sandwich panels). Powerful long beams make it possible to minimize the number of supports in the construction, that is, free the internal space.

Fachwerk is a special architecture for a person who appreciates tradition, as well as respecting quality proven for centuries. It is such a dwelling that will be relevant and very attractive.

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