Reasons for the replacement of the project of the house: what to pay attention to

Deputy General Director at Vesco Consulting, Tatyana Alekseeva:

– The reconception of cottage villages, which involves turning them into a low -rise project, has three reasons.

The first reason is that the developer from the very beginning did not fall into his target audience. The segment, the economic crisis, the inconsistency of the object of sale to the requirements of potential buyers, a weak advertising campaign, high price indicators, and so on – all this will lead to a low pace or lack of sales were incorrectly selected. In this case, the low -rise segment will be a successful option as an anti -crisis measure: it is also more massive and has a smaller budget of home ownership.

The second reason can also be a change in the financial conditions of the project, which will reduce its overall economic efficiency: from the very beginning there was an incorrect assessment in the ratio of the volume of costs and profits; A sharp or unexpected change in the competitive situation, which forces the owner to reduce prices or additional costs. If you build low -rise houses, then the yield is several times higher by a hundred hundred and more than when performing another type of construction. But in this case, investments in construction and, often, increased obligations in social infrastructure will be required.

The third reason may be a change in the managing team, whether it is a change in the performers inside the developers holding (a common phenomenon of the country market) or the output of the project as a financial asset.

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