Distinctive features of decoration style: what to take into account

The first thing to start repairs should be to decide on the design project. Think about what you want to get in the end-to complete the usual decoration of the room or to start something grandiose? Or do you want to change the zoning system in the apartment? Such a need appears with a change in the number of people living in the apartment, or when one of the residents decides to engage in some kind of activity requiring the installation of equipment. A similar situation also arises at the birth of a child.

What means can achieve the goal?

First you need to choose the style you want to see in your two -room apartment. In recent years, the decoration style has been very popular. Interiors made in this style are better to begin by beginner designers.

Distinctive features of style:

– functionality;

– simplicity of structure;

– use of large details;

– accents that attract the eye;

– zoning;

– furniture of geometric shapes;

– Various lighting.

In this style, preference is given to metal, glass, stone, wood.

You can start a redevelopment in your 2-room apartment, which is fraught with a lot of capabilities. Thus, you can completely transform the apartment, install new walls or remove existing. You can expand the space using the area of ​​the balcony for this. Thanks to the redevelopment, at the exit from a two-room apartment you can get an almost three-room apartment or a studio apartment. But in this case, get ready for the uphring of many thresholds to obtain permits and approvals in various instances.

When repairing a two -room apartment, remember that each tenant has its own corner, so when performing perestroika, take into account the tastes of all households. Make sure that the change in the design of the apartment does not affect the lives of residents.

Changing the design, take into account the existing furniture, as it should be in harmony with the interior of the future updated apartment.

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