On the weekend we arrived from vacation, were at the Montien Hotel Bangkok hotel, I liked everything very much. Arrived early in the morning, the administrator met with a smile, after filling out the forms, we were held to our apartments and helped to convey our things, for some reason they did not take the tips. The town is neat, but all that you need to eat – both banks and all sorts of shops, and where to go. Before going to Bangkok, I studied quite different stories about the Montien Hotel Bangkok hotel.

My review will not hurt either. Very beautiful planning of the hotel. There are few umbrellas on the beach and shadow. The hotel “from and to” corresponds to advertising statements about it. This is visible in everything. There is a pool, though I got a swim there once. There was enough food for everyone. Drinks of norms. In a bar with a smile poured. Everything is supposed to. The range is normal. There were no delicacies, but everything is quite tasty and nutritious. Quiet, clean. Not far massage salons, beauty salon, souvenir store, the Internet sometimes disappears. At the hotel, in addition, there is a beauty salon and massage. It’s good that we went here. In these months, Thailand is the lowest temperature and humidity. I didn’t want to leave at all, this is the most amazing for me.

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