Mandarin Oriental: The original and elegant hotel design

The interior of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental captivates with elegance. Exquisite interiors thought out to the smallest details create a favorable atmosphere of peace and coziness. New trends in the design of the luxury hotel are implemented here.

The building in the neo -Renaissance style was built between 1875 and 1880 by the famous architect Johan Kilian Shtyutzel. On the lower floors and today you can see the remains of the first city wall, whose age dates from the 13th century.

“The biggest difficulty for us was to draw a parallel between the interior of the hotel and the magnificent facade in the neoclassicism style,” explains designer Peter Remedios, representing the company Chhada Siembieda Remedios Inc, consortium of architects Long Beach, California.

“This succeeded by integrating the architectural components of the facade, for example, stucco jewelry in the interior style. To emphasize the characteristic features of the building, we modified the basic artistic content of classicism, simplifying its forms and received some traditional, but at the same time modern style ”.

The indescribable game of inlays of inlaid from Italian and French marble at the entrance refreshes and revives the atmosphere. The unique lobby interior is designed in warm pastel colors: lavender, terracotta and security. Furniture in the lobby is made in the style of the past 19th century. Some furniture items are genuine creations of the Bidermaire era.

Forms in which the interior is sustained, classic, without excessive jewelry, but each part of it perfectly complements each other, creating a unique atmosphere. Leather and wicker chairs are sustained in lavender and terracotta flowers.

A magnificent collection of engravings and reproductions, including Rafael’s creations, architectural sketches and geographical maps. Many of them are fulfilled in different periods of our history, some of them manually. This whole collection is a harmonious addition of the interior of the hotel.

From the lobby, a view of two luxurious stairs, erected in the last century, opens from the lobby. One of them leads to conference rooms and hotel rooms, the other is wide and spacious in the center of the hall, with a marble of terracotta marble-to the Mark’s restaurant in Mesonin.

The restaurant is sustained in the same style as the lobby that creates a feeling of space. The tables are made of a well -processed, polished tree. Chairs with lavender -colored upholstery are designed in the style of bidermaier. Gorgeous, lightweight carpets with discreet bluish pattern complement the interior.

Behind the bar in the lobby of the restaurant on the rack of cherry wood with mirror inserts exhibited drinks. Chairs at the marble tables of the bar and secluded corners with leather armchairs and wicker sofas are invited to an intimate conversation.

When designing the interior of conference rooms, it was possible to create a unique business. And the same time solemn situation.

Each room at the hotel and each one is designed and completed according to an individual project – magnificent sofas, elegant silk chairs, secretaries from cherry wood with inlaid, rooms with built -in video drives, Internet access, computer games and paid cable television, telefax, connection to ISDN , three separate telephone lines and a safe with an individual code.

The main colors of the numbers are light blue, lightweight and light pink. Most numbers in most rooms. On the floor there are carpets made of clean wool, on the walls of the picture. Huge beds with down blankets and exquisite cotton wraps. Fluffy eondo towels and dressing gowns brought from France.

The terraces of the two most luxurious Syuts open a magnificent view of the Bavarian capital – the city of Munich.

Bathrooms are decorated with a special delight. Amazing contrast to the pink Portuguese marble of the walls of bathrooms are washbasins of dark marble and huge mirrors. Each bathroom has a spacious bath, shower, isolated toilet and bidet.

Thanks to large windows in some bathrooms, you can, taking a bath, at the same time enjoy the view of Munich. An amazing view of the roof of the city opens from the terrace on the roof where our pool is located.

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