Land plots in Ropshe: is it worth buying

Land plots in Ropshe are interesting to many investors at present. Their attractiveness can be explained by the fact that these land plots are in the immediate vicinity of the KAD, and to be more precise, they are only 8 kilometers. It is also necessary to say about the availability of all kinds of communications and the affordable cost. Beautiful nature, spring lakes, pure air, silence and forest, silence – all this can create a special atmosphere of rest and harmony. The village has about 74 land plots, to which all the necessary communications are brought. Well -landscaped territory, several areas of recreation and socially infrastructure, streets with solid coating, recreation areas and traveling to sites, as well as the availability of social infrastructure objects. Social infrastructure facilities include security buildings, a sports ground, a playground. Around the perimeter, the plot is fenced with a two -meter fence. 200 meters from this village is the Strelka River, and 600 meters from the order are Ropshinsky ponds. Kindergarten and school are only 800 meters from the village of Ropshe.

In Ropsha, all people can have a great rest with their friends, and they will also be able to appreciate all the advantages of living here with their family. If you buy a land plot in this village, then in this case you can immediately begin to build your own house. At the same time, housing construction can be carried out both according to a standard project and on an individual project.

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