Is it worth moving to Townhaus: the benefits of building

The steadily growing popularity of Townhouse makes us think about how they are so attractive to the inhabitants of megacities. Townhaus – a house of small number of storeys for several families, with a small area adjacent to it.

The cost of one of the section of Townhouse is much lower than that of a similar area of ​​a separate cottage. In addition, such a format of residence has some advantages inherent in city apartments, and is deprived of some of their shortcomings.

For example, since Townhaus involves the simultaneous residence of a number of families within the framework of the general complex of buildings, it is possible to reduce the cost of operating the building; They are divided into all.

The disadvantage can be only that with this format, all the problems that arise will have to be solved also together, so the presence of cohesion between the owners is important.

Also, the list of advantages that Townhaus are able to provide are: the owner has a residential unit of a personal plot; A separate entrance, its own roof, a separate communication riser in each living family; The total area of ​​the interior is about 80 square meters. m; Almost every Townhaus is equipped with their own garage located on the basement of the house.

Cottage villages of this type, as a rule, are erected in the immediate vicinity of large cities, but you still have to get up to work before the usual. But with shops, pharmacy, playgrounds there will be no problems – Townhaus includes everything necessary so that the former resident of the metropolis feels comfortable and comfortable.

To someone, the silence and peace of the country house may seem unusual, but it will pass quite a bit of time and it will be difficult to imagine how to live in a stuffy, hacked city, among the bustle, not seeing the radiance of the stars of the night sky.

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