Is it possible to rent an apartment in Moscow for a penny

You can rent an apartment in Moscow with the help of acquaintances or relatives. A plus may be that acquaintances will not overstate the price of real estate, or generally hand it over to you for a penny. The negative factor of such cooperation is that it is possible to ruin the relationship for a long time if the owner decides to increase the rental value of the apartment or those who rent housing have serious financial difficulties when renting apartments and rooms is carried out. Another way to rent real estate is to independently search for housing.

It is necessary to simply take some specialized newspaper in rented apartments and stock up on titanic patience. Most of those who are engaged in independent search for housing spend a lot of time and effort on the search for the desired option. Yes, and even if it turns out to find housing in this way, no one will give guarantees that the owner who decided – “I will rent a 1 room apartment” will turn out to be a respectable person and will not increase the rental fee for real estate in a month or not unexpectedly out of it, since practically No one is working officially now.

One of the options for searching for housing is the search using black macler. In most cases, they work alone, as well as having no licenses and sources of information on the owners who made a decision – “Rent a communal apartment”.

For this reason, you will be persuaded for any real estate option, and they will say that this is a unique version of a cheap apartment, the owner of which goes abroad for a long time. Moreover, black maclers often work with low -income people who expect that apartments are rented in Moscow, as well as with dubious documents.

In this situation, you may be in an unpleasant situation, having lost money and housing. Everything was said earlier, this is a rather risky business. If the business is frivolously, as well as in a hurry, wanting to save on everything or think what exactly will be carried in the search for housing, then first of all you create the advantage of swindlers with such actions and thoughts. In the real estate rental market, everyone knows that the more transparent the transaction, the more fewer opportunities in one side to get hold of the other.

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