How to spend a weekend with comfort: how to choose housing

Dreaming about a vacation performed perfectly? Then use the proposals from the owners of cottages, mansions and Townhans about housing rental.

But before ordering temporary residence, a clear action plan should be drawn up.

Search for a house according to the requirements and preferences of all future guests of housing.

Correspondence acquaintance with specific real estate from photographs provided by the owner.

Dialogue with the owner of a cottage or mansion, clarifying the nuances of stay in a country house.

Determination of the date of lease and the deadlines for housing.

Designation of the number of tenants.

Booking at home.

Making an advance payment for accommodation.

Such a service as renting a cottage for the weekend can be documented or in the form of an oral agreement of the lessor and tenant. Want the legal protection of your interests and rights? Conclude agreements exclusively in writing.

The lease agreement should be made special requirements. The guest of the house should carefully study each clause of the agreement. Do not rush to read the contract, ask the tenant for a detailed acquaintance with the written execution of the transaction.

Some rules will help you increase safety: all data on the two parties to the transaction should be written without errors, corrections and the possibility of double reading; The pages are numbered and stitched; Signatures of the parties should be written in strict accordance with the painting in the passport; You can not use a pencil and a felt -tip pen.

In the legislation of different countries, the rules for drawing up and filling out documents regarding real estate transactions are indicated by each other. But there are typical rules for drawing up a business document. They are used in international practice. An international lawyer will help you correctly draw up such an agreement.

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