Is it profitable to exchange an apartment at home: Features

There are much more people living in apartments than those who are located in their own houses. Many of the latter would like to exchange an apartment in Moscow for a suburb, hoping to get more advantages and benefits and expecting that the usual life will fundamentally change. Is it so? That the apartment is better or the house?

In many ways, this question can be answered completely unambiguously: if a person has enough financial opportunities, then the house will be a much better solution. Suburban real estate requires not only cash investments. To implement all plans, it will also take time, and personal efforts, and moral stability, since there are strong nerves to solve many issues. However, all these efforts will not be spent in vain, because the house equipped with its owner will delight a person for more than one decade. What is the attractiveness of a country house?


The maximum that can be changed in the appearance of the apartment is to demolish some walls and due to this to slightly increase the useful space. In the house, any of the most significant transformations are possible. You can finish another floor or room, re -plan the location of the rooms, change the color of the walls and roofs and make the most bold idea.

Proximity to nature

No matter how sung the urbanization and all its advantages were, but still the need for benefits granted by mother-nature did not disappear anywhere. A person who has the opportunity to breathe daily with clean air, enjoy silence or bird singing and admire beautiful natural landscapes, understands that changing all this to the previous privileges of urban life is hardly a good decision. The realization that the house outside the city is a great good comes when the homeowner sees that his health is more and more recovering his health with every day.

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