Features of hotels in the heart of Russia: which one to choose

I have developed questions will help you when choosing hotels for living. Each selects the hotel by virtue of their income from mini -hotels to a five -star hotel. Tourists book rooms in the hotel in advance. Foreigners require additional hotel services: registration of visitors, ordering tickets. For people who travel by car, a temporary parking lot is needed. One of the most important criteria of the hotel is the cost and level of services. In five -star hotels, the maximum satisfied rest. Your choice is provided: floor luxury, luxury, studios, presidential apartments, round -the -clock service, sports halls, spa procedures, restaurants with magnificent cuisine. These institutions are often interested in VIP guests. The price of the room is drug. Services that are provided in four star hotel are largely similar to 5 star sprockets. The difference between establishments of 5 and 4 categories is in the number of rooms. Provided price 250 1000 Y. E. Three -star hotels are rented at a lower cost, a good room. The possibilities of mini-hotels are also given to your attention. In them, no more than 25 rooms, also an attentive approach to customers, is guarded around the clock. For example, a hotel is a hostel. In such institutions, there are usually several people in the room, the sanitary condition, and the convenience of general. New hotels in Moscow: Vega, Alpha, Avenue, House on Mayakovka.

Most hotels are conveniently accommodated for the rest of the guests, which is not to say about those hotels who have an assessment of three stars. I also want to note that mini-hotels have their own distribution category over stars. Therefore, when choosing, I recommend carefully paying attention to these details, because you will count on a chic five -star hotel for a high cost, and in return you will get a mini five -star room. Also, alternative hotels are renting apartments, which in cost is much cheaper than a hotel room, many rent apartments for rent or rooms, rent a room less costly. In general, hotels are visited by people who came to the conference or on a business trip for a long time. If you decide to go to Moscow or to St. Petersburg, it is recommended to choose the option suitable for you in advance on the Internet and book the number.

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