How to plan the internal space of the house

The ratio of residential and utility space on average house is 2: 1.

The internal space of the house is clearly and clearly organized: the corridor planning system corresponds to the constructive scheme of the building with supporting longitudinal internal walls. Well thought out the homework schedule. The building has three entrances: one from the side of the main facade – to the central lobby, the other two from the courtyard – in the stairwells. The wide, gentle, lit staircases lit by the day, are placed at the internal corners of the P -shaped plan – in the center of the sphere of their action, elevators – in the center of the house. All apartments are served only by two stairs and two elevators. The house accommodates in the top five (the first floor is occupied by shops and household institutions) 93 apartments, including: one and a half indoor apartments – 18, two -room – 45, three -room – 30. The most successfully arranged in the house on the Leningradskoye Shosse one and a half room and two -room apartments located in the wings of the plan. The difficulty of designing a one -room apartment is that the only living room performs many functions. In the one and a half room apartment, the living room has a deep square sleeping alcove and a cozy niche-dining room on the Leningrad highway; She is freed from the table and sleeping places and serves as a day -time room room. In the composition of the apartment, the main (living room) and secondary (utility) premises are clearly allocated. The common room is the compositional center of the apartment, despite the asymmetry of the layout. The room has 19 m; The ratio of its sides in the plan is 1: 1.25; These proportions give her a compact shape, allow her to conveniently and beautifully arrange furniture. The entrance to it is arranged directly from the front of the main axis of the apartment; The door is highlighted among the rest in large sizes.

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