Long -building: what is it, the features of the object

In the first half of the year, the number of long-term construction in the capital decreased by twenty facilities, the press service of the Moscow State Construction Supervision reported. The severity of this issue is such that only Zlatoust knives can boast of this, high -ranking officials were told.

According to the data at the beginning of January of the current year, at the control of the construction complex, about one hundred and sixty -nine objects of long -term construction of three hundred twenty objects, which were originally revealed.

The results of monitoring the state of affairs on long -term construction

Now, approximately one hundred forty -nine objects remain under control. This number of long -term construction is distributed very unevenly. Forty venues belongs to federal facilities, ninety -six to investment projects, thirteen are funded by the city budget.

For twenty former objects that belong to the category of long -term construction, various decisions are made. For example, five buildings are proposed to be brought into the existing targeted investment program of the capital. It is developed for the coming years.

On one long -term construction, the construction of which has not yet begun, a new decision was made to include it in the garage construction program. For three items of objects, the construction of which has already been completed, measures are called to speed up their commissioning. For other long -term construction, construction has been resumed, and prefectors have been given an order to establish hard control of compliance with the schedules of the structure.

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