How to correctly organize a search for an apartment for purchase

As you probably guess, buying an apartment is quite complicated, and every little thing must be taken into account. Advice – do not risk, do not try to buy an apartment yourself, for this there are real estate agencies with a very decent army of realtors, professional and not very. Not very professional realtors, as a rule, are found in small, young agencies, but there are exceptions. The agency’s commission is about 3-7% of the transaction amount, but in some cases the commission is discussed separately, when the value of the object is indecently high and as a fact the commission of the agency becomes extremely high. When applying to the real estate agency (in the case of a positive decision), an agreement is concluded for the provision of services for the purchase, or the sale of an apartment. The contract gives you the right in the event of an agency error, sue it, but this is not beneficial to either the agency or you, so we continue.

We understand that you are not a planter, but for the purchase of the apartment you have conceived, you will need labor, that is, a realtor that the agency allocates for the entire duration of the contract, but this is not all. In the process, the services of a lawyer will also be required, which is allocated by the same real estate agency, this is so that you would not have to file a court to the agency.

The realtor is directly engaged in the search for the apartment suitable for you, collecting documents to check this apartment, and the lawyer keeps all this pile of papers under control, and in case of doubt in any document gives the command to the realtor so that he would collect additional papers in order to make sure that everything is in order. But sometimes there are situations that no one can foresee, literally out of the blue. Lawyers work just in order to protect you as much as possible from such “even places”.

The search for the apartment itself is quite exciting, informative and instructive. The realtor focusing on your wishes raises databases on apartments, starting from the freshest, received literally an hour or two back. You affirm those apartments that, according to an oral description, would have arranged you, while we recall that advertising is a trading engine, and the presented product may not be quite what is written about. So, having a lot of a list of the apartments you are recognized, you are going to study the city or area in which you will have to live with an employee allocated to you.

Suppose that the process of searching for an apartment has come to an end, and what you dreamed about, maybe all your life. This is where the most interesting part of the performance under the name “Buying an apartment” begins, from that moment your temporary employee begins to trample the thresholds of various institutions and carry the mined to the lawyer.

Firstly, it is necessary to make sure that the selected apartment is not under arrest or encumbrance, that in the process of privatization, the parents did not forget about young children, and that they also got part of the property. The lawyer and his faithful friend Realtor are also convinced that if the apartment was inherited, then additional heirs during your residence on the horizon will not appear, that the spouses (if they divorced) divided the jointly acquired property, that is, the apartment, equally, and equally no one offended anyone.

The state of the apartment is also verified, that is, the compliance of the BTI plans (the Bureau of Technical Inventory) of what is actually. There will be very little pleasure if during a family tea party to collapse the ceiling, as a result of an unsuccessful redevelopment. All the necessary documents were verified, everyone was convinced that the seller of the apartment is adequate and he sells his apartment, honestly and does not deceive anyone. The climax of all this multi -route operation comes – the transaction. The real estate transaction will work for you not two or three people, but much more. A notary public secretary, as well as a whole bank, is added to the realtor and lawyer! The transaction procedure itself cannot resemble scenes from an action movie, well, or comedy, rather a melodrama with a good end. And all because if the transaction is prepared correctly and well, then everything will go like the clock – the notary checks the papers, the secretary prints the sale agreement, and you and the seller, his realtor and his lawyer are peacefully discussing the process of moving. When they free the apartment, if it is not yet free, as the necessary receipts and paper on housing and communal services are transferred, and other, not so important things.

Sometimes it happens that the transaction takes place in a nervous, tense atmosphere, but this is only because the realtor cannot control the situation. It should be everywhere at the same time, both the client and the notary, and even have time to control the situation with the bank cell, because the money for the purchased apartment is usually laid in the cell, this will protect you and the seller in the event that all the same, it went wrong, and the registration of the transaction is postponed, or is more canceled.

Then everyone remains with their own, with the exception of lost time. But this is still an exception to the rules.

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