Apartment buildings: apartments

The difference between low -rise apartment buildings and skyscrapers is that the former suggest a limited number of cozy and comfortable apartments, sometimes multi -level, having an area from small 45 and ending with elite 200 meter apartments.

The so -called Townhouse is gaining great popularity, which are separate sections, starting from two pieces, erected as one common house. Each section in such a cottage has from 2 to 4 levels, equipped with a separate entrance, as well as garage boxing in the basement or first floor. You can see or order projects of low -rise apartment buildings of already built or original houses on our website, as well as familiarize yourself with the reviews of specialists and residents about the convenience and thoughtfulness of the layout.

If you trace the latest preferences of customers, then, according to statistics, more people buy and order housing in low -rise, apartment buildings. Each buyer, based on personal preferences, can choose either a standard standard apartment or a project suitable for him by status or preferences.

Note that when buying an apartment in a low -rise complex, the buyer, in addition to housing, receives a kind of “travel ticket” in the conditions and life of a business class, and everything arises from the new status. In addition to the fact that the buyer receives a comfortable, comfortable and environmentally friendly housing house for the health of households, he is settled there much faster than it would be when acquiring similar housing in a multi -storey new building.

The main advantage, and the advantage of low -rise construction is that the construction of such buildings occurs in the most short time, which is not more than one calendar year. Relative excess of prices is compensated by the constant increase in value for everything and everything, as well as saving with the safety and safety of the housing itself and the storage of the car.

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