How to buy real estate using a special portal

As used to be said, I opened the real estate portal. I am writing all kinds of news, personal opinion about prospects for prices, opportunities for investing in this case, and so on.

The main concept that I adhere to is reduced to the attractiveness and reliability of investment in real estate. For example, a person needs a house or you need to rent an apartment in Minsk, you can always evaluate the prospects for price growth, analyze the market. There are a lot of commercial sites, but my real estate resource is not aimed at receiving a percentage of sale or rental. The main goal is to objectively cover the news of the real estate market, give people analysts, share their views on the prospects for the growth of foreign real estate.

Naturally, I am more interested in housing abroad. It is acceptable in price and quality, and also gives a good opportunity to earn on rent and sale after raising prices. You should not hope that domestic apartments will be sold at low prices.

Having studied the metropolitan market, it will become so clear that it is cheaper to buy chic apartments in the resort area than to purchase an apartment in Kyiv, Moscow or Minsk. Prices are unrealistically illogical. What attracts life in a stuffy and hacked city, so that hundreds of thousands of dollars have to be paid for it? Personally, it does not attract me. Therefore, I look at the foreign market, which regularly offers interesting options.

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