Comparison of hotels in Northern Goa: Differences

If you decide to go on a tour and want you to live in good hotels, then the best hotels of the Cover Goa will certainly satisfy your desires. Northern Goa is a shore that has mastered hippies in the distant sixties and since that time this shore has become popular among tourists. Northern Goa can boast of its beaches, namely Vagator Kalangut. It is these beaches that gather crowds of youth from around the world. Therefore, on the beaches organized everything that people need to relax.

If you dream of seeing 5 stars in the northern Goa hotels, then your dreams are unlikely to be fulfilled, because five-star hotels, this is a rarity here, but hotels for 2-3 stars are almost everywhere. The area allotted for hotels is not so big, especially since you can always find an overnight stay that is not so expensive. In general, we can say that all housing in Goa is comfortable and economical, and hotels are inexpensive and unpretentious. The best hotels of Northern Goa are close to each other, but mainly rented houses here. For example, you can always rent a stone house for 10 people. The house consists of 5 rooms, and there is also a living room and kitchen. The cost of the house will be approximately 700 EUR per month. By the way, this is not the cheapest option that you can offer you. However, our advice is best to book at home in August, for example, if you want to relax here in winter.

Noisy parties are the main feature of Northern Goa. It is at such parties that youth run away from all hotels and houses to have fun properly. As for the beaches, then Arambole is probably the most calm. In general, all beaches consist of gray volcanic sand and they stretch from the south to the north. Due to the fact that the shore on the coast is high, most hotels have small beaches, and they are all located in the lagons.

The best hotels of Northern Goa always offer you only the best service. You can try the kitchen both local and European. Here, in the northern Goa, amazing parties await you, and you can see the freaks who live on Goa.

If you will soon expect a business trip or vacation, and you do not know where to go, then take a closer look at the Northern Goa, whose hotels and beaches will be surprised and amazed. You will get the most vivid impressions for your whole life.

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