Commune houses, what it is, the features of the buildings

Not many are aware that in Moscow there are unusual houses, the so -called communes. Once, at the beginning of the last century, the government had an idea to settle people that will lead a common life, have only interests. Over time, it became clear that this option is not very suitable for embodiment in reality. This is where unusual apartments arose, since no one was going to demolish the housing stock for no apparent reason.

You know what one house looks like, which is suitable for the type of commune? Very unusual, this is not even a hostel where everyone has a room for solitude. In fact, then it was required that each square meter had useful use, as a result, builders and receiving organizations too much squeeze out. It was the trial options for that time that should have made it clear whether it would be possible to replicate this project and further through the country. Well, here you will find the best stairs for your home with guarantees of reliability and quality. So, the commune had three components, sometimes they were divided into several buildings. There was just a collective kitchen or dining room, laundry, as well as institutions for children,. The second object was spaces for meetings and communication of a group of people, the same commune. I don’t know how before, but at the moment it sounds pretty wild. Well, for the leisure part, some options were supposed. Well, due to the fact that the commune was supposed there, then these people met the holidays together. Especially a valuable collective Christmas tree for the New Year’s light.

Then it became popular to settle people in such houses that we went to work or study in the city from the villages. But then everything somehow changed, many began to bring down on the political system to impose their ideas. As a result, very quickly the government refused to use such housing. So what has become with these buildings now? Well, some of them use, as a hostel, however, before that, they had to be a little reconstructed from the inside. But the privatization of such an area gave more successful fruits. People who have decent finances are able to invest them in interesting projects. As a result, we have enough studios with an interesting layout, that is, apartments become an individual dwelling according to the original project. Of course, such happiness is not very cheap, but sometimes it’s worth it, since this is not in an ordinary apartment

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