Classification of buildings: which option to choose

Three rows of such columns perceived their own weight of the overlap over the larger assembly, located on the ground floor, as well as the load from the equipment.

The overlap over the blacksmithing shop was a stone cross with a span of 8 m. The overlap over the second floor in the lathe rested on cast -iron columns; Over the workshops of small locksmith work and carpentry, it was suspended to wooden suspended rafters located at an interval of 2 m and carrier roof.

The brick walls of the case were strengthened at the level of the inter -story floor and above the windows of the second floor by transverse and longitudinal bonds from strip iron. The walls rested on missile foundations arranged in wooden piles.

Since all the floors of the mechanical factory are wooden, great attention was paid to fire devices. For this, all the workshops were separated from each other with capital walls with firemoweries bred over them; Iron stairs to the attic were arranged everywhere; In each workshop there were tanks with water and manual pumps.

In 85 and 852. brick buildings of the foundry and blacksmiths of this large mechanical factory were erected. In the foundry, in addition to special equipment, there was a steam machine with a capacity of 30 liters. With. The blacksmithing workshop was equipped with the latest steam and water hammers and a water turbine. Particular attention was paid to the device of the foundations of heavy hammers weighing 30 and 90 pounds. To do this, under the entire area occupied by hammers, piles were clogged, on which a continuous grillage of bars was laid.

At water wheels, 5 pumps were delivered, which could serve water through cast -iron pipes under the ceiling of the first IT. and on the attic along the entire building: according to the calculation by these means, it was possible to extinguish the fire that arose within half an hour. “Mountain Journal, Yekaterinburg Mechanical Factory”.

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