What is the Bungalo: Features of Architecture

Here is such a bungalow – a great place to relax in the tropical area, where you are actually in the open air (and there are just the same), not afraid of the rain, which happens once every six months, nor strong wind, or any other bad weather. This style is suitable for those who simply cannot without a sensation of nature, its powerful and enchanting power, who are very tired of the bustle of the city and want to relax in the literal sense of the word.

Such one -story huts on one floor are able to place a large number of people, a series of rooms is usually placed around a large hall – a dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom. In these non -standard houses, all interior items are chosen with the thoroughness of rationalism and practicalism. The functional and rational use of the space indoor, the minimum of possible decor details and the laconicity of style, unusual interior elements in combination with natural materials and colors are the main characteristics of such housing.

By the way, if you plan to build a bungalow yourself, then you should pay close attention to such architectural elements of style as cobblestones, brick, straw, bamboo stalks, as well as wooden panels, fabric, etc. D. And it is great to save space inside through the use of built -in shelves, cabinets, a rim.

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