You can build a residential building from old windows: what to take into account

What modern designers and architects do not come up with to surprise people. And, often, in an effort to achieve the originality of their projects, use all kinds of new materials and technologies. But, as it turns out, in order to create something new and unusual, it is not at all necessary to use new materials.

So in the Norwegian city of Trondheim a new Rake show room appeared. It was built by students of architectural schools from different cities of Norway – Tondheim, Bergen and Oslo. The RAKE community originally consisted of only four students of the University of Norwegian, and a little later they were joined by their fellow students and students of other architectural universities of Norway. Having united in a single workshop, they on their own created this unusual and unique exhibition hall, designed to conduct presentations of new products in the field of architecture, photography and design.

Guided by their main principle: re -use old materials (suitable in order to serve the service with all kinds of new ideas), young architects took most of the materials for construction from the old office building, which was to be demolished.

It is interesting that the students spent only twelve days to build an unusual exhibition hall, which leaves it indifferent. For the walls of their showroom, young architects used windows from the old office building. The windows were folded in two layers. But the ceiling was built from the old doors that were laid already in three layers. Paul gives special uniqueness to the exhibition hall – it is paved with massive wooden cubes made by manually one of the local farmers.

The students managed to prove with their project that you can create something new, aesthetic and beautiful using materials.

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