What prospects are observed in the real estate market

Currently, about three and a half percent of the apartments is bought to resell in the future, in order to earn, in the case of 3.3 percent, buyers seek to save their material resources from depreciation.

Secondary housing – about 4.9 percent of apartments are currently bought for the purpose of further rent. We can say that 11.7 percent of all apartments are purchased with investment purposes.

In the crisis period, investment purchases were single, we can say that the activity of investors in the market increased. It is worth adding that in the pre -crisis period, investment activity was twice as much as the current. Expert data tells us that real estate rises 10-25 percent. Most of all, the rise in price applies to one-room apartments and studio apartments. The most profitable may be to buy an apartment in a house under construction.

Experts believe that after the end of construction, the price will be increased to 2.5 million rubles. Most often, buyers are interested in two -room and one -room apartments located at the initial stage of construction. Apartments that are close to the subway are selected. They try not to buy three -rooms for resale, because this takes more time and effort. Nowadays, investors rarely make an apartment before sale, even despite the fact that this increases its price by about five percent, due to the fact that it takes about six months.

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