Is it good to live in the suburbs: what to pay attention to

Moving to the capital attracts more and more compatriots. This is due to high salaries, the possibility of career growth, quality education and medical help. A rich cultural, sports life, the presence of a large number of museums also occupy the last place in the list of priorities. In addition, Moscow is a large transport hub, from the airports of the capital, you can easily get to any corner of the planet: on a business trip or on vacation, to relatives and friends. But is it necessary for the sake of all this to purchase an apartment here? Today, the suburbs offers a huge number of options that combine all the listed advantages in addition to excellent clean air.

When choosing housing in the suburbs, it is necessary to build on such basic criteria as environmental friendliness, close location to the capital, developed structure. The south of the capital is satisfied with these requirements. In particular, you can be purchased by the House of New Riga.

According to studies, this area is one of the cleanest in terms of ecology in the entire suburbs. Therefore, the southern satellite cities of the capital occupy such high places in the ratings. A favorable environmental situation is facilitated by the minimum concentration of industrial enterprises, as well as the presence of forests of the southern direction. In summer connoisseurs in the summer are waiting for lakes and rivers, well -groomed parks and reservoirs, pouring meadows and mushroom forests. Buying a house on Nikolina Gora, you will also be impressed by wonderful winter expanses and ski slopes.

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