What is Moscow Real Estate: Features

Moscow real estate today is of practical interest. And this is not without reason.

Land plots in the Moscow Region, even in a crisis, remain a promising object for investment and today have high investment attractiveness. According to analysts, the cost of land in the suburbs from 2010 to 2011 increased by 5%.

It can be argued that this is not the case. However, statistics clearly shows a positive increase in land prices under certain conditions. This is a short distance from Moscow, the average stage of construction of the village (sales began, there are roads, infrastructure).

Now, after reviving the economy, the sale of land in the suburbs began to be in even greater demand. After there was a publication on joining the city of new territories, there was an increase in real estate sales in villages, which became part of the new Moscow. Analysts predict an increase in prices for all real estate objects.

Active market development is due to overpopulation of the capital, traffic jams and poor ecology. In this regard, the number of people who want to buy a country house or land in the suburbs is growing every year.

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