What documents should the tenant provide

It often happens that the apartment is converted or repaired at the request of the new client. For example, the tenant may set a condition for the apartment to be without furniture, or, conversely, that the apartment is furnished with the latest equipment, by the latest technology, or conduct the Internet. Usually, when concluding the contract, all conditions are discussed under which all these improvements are made, as well as at whose expense they will be made and more whether they will remain in the apartment after the expiration of the contract.

Also, an important discussion point is utility bills. In Moscow, there is a standard practice of paying utility bills, this is when utility bills are included in the rent, the exception is intercity and international telephone negotiations. The tenant is only obliged to pay the monthly monthly fee, cable television and the Internet. It happens that the parties agree that the tenant takes the obligation to pay for electricity.

Discussion of all important issues occurs simultaneously between the parties in combination with all terms of the contract. The best negotiations are not those where both parties were satisfied with the negotiations, but those where the parties discussed all particularly important issues, as well as all the nuances and came to a general decision. And the best contract is considered the one that, in addition to protecting all your interests and rights, provides for any complex and controversial situations and clearly describes the actions of the parties in such cases. Usually, an experienced real estate consultant will help you effectively conduct all the necessary negotiations, and will also help draw up a competent lease agreement, taking into account all your individual wishes and requirements.

What documents does the tenant provide

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