Distinctive features of houses in Cuba: what to take into account when choosing

The high level of urban planning art of the revolutionary cube was most clearly reflected in the layout, improvement and landscaping of the Gavana del Esta residential area in the capital of the republic. The development of this area for workers began in 1959., And in 1962. The construction of the microdistrict No. 1 has already been completely completed. The territory of the microdistrict has a flat relief and is separated from the beaches of the ocean coast with a park strip 2.5 km wide. The border of the microdistrict surrounded by transport streets is pushed from the highway to 100 m. Entrance to the auto track from the microdistrict is carried out with a denouement of movement in two levels. The total area of ​​the microdistrict is 25.8 hectares, the area of ​​the residential area is 18.95 hectares, the population is 7800 people, the density of the Net housing stock – 414 people per hectare, gross 280 people per hectare. Seven residential groups with a population of 1-1.2 thousand. Man surround the central space of the microdistrict with sports grounds. Dravast entrances lead to each of the residential groups, at the end of which open car parking lots are located.

The building composition is based on a free grouping of four – and eleven -story houses with the disclosure of the deep prospects towards the coast and the central sports zone. Large open spaces contrast with closed cozy courtyards. Thanks to a variety of architecture and grouping of residential buildings from typical sections, the active introduction of color and individual planning solutions of the gardens of residential groups, unique harmonious ensembles of buildings and open spaces are created.

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