Is it possible to rent an inexpensive room at the Norway Hotel

Norway is a huge number of lakes, rivers and waterfalls, these are national parks and natural reserves, mountains and glaciers. The fabulous beauty of Norwegian landscapes annually attracts 2 million foreigners. Note that Norway hotels accept tourists all year round, and inexpensive hotels there is no need to book in advance. Accommodation in Norway hotels will leave only the most pleasant impressions.

The climate in Norway is not as harsh as it might seem. Due to the warm course, the gulfstream here is a very soft winter, and in the summer the air warms up to 25 degrees. In addition, the sun does not come in in Norway in the summer, so you can admire and take pictures of picturesque landscapes around the clock. The peculiarity of this country is the Norwegian fjords (or bays) of amazing beauty, each of which has its own characteristics and sights. Norway hotels on the fjords mainly roads and are very popular. Spitsbergen is another attraction of Norway. The territory of this archipelago includes 6 national parks, 3 natural and 15 bird reserves. To get acquainted well with this archipelago, they are offered: excursions on boats, skiing on snowmobiles, campaigns in ice caves. You can also buy a ticket to Norway from us.

Like all over the world, Norway hotels are divided into comfort classes. And accordingly, the service is divided by the number of stars. Recently, renovated and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable residence, fishing houses are popular. In addition, both in mountain and coastal areas can live in huts. You can also use an extraordinary and economical type of residence – on a peasant farm. There is a special group of Norway hotels – historical. It includes 29 hotels, which were built from 1380 g. Until 1939. All of them demonstrate different architectural styles – from Empire to modern. On our portal you can book a hotel in Norway.

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